That turned out well. So much for updating regularly here, or indeed anywhere, but thems the breaks. I’ve had a lot on, guys and gals, seriously, but enough with excuses. In amongst more revision than is decent, I’ve squeezed in a lot of various Grand Theft Auto titles, at the expense of maintaining anything even resembling a social life. My time in Liberty City has been fairly fruitful, or at least as fruitful as a video murder-simulator can be. GTA games, in my experience, positively churn out anecdotes, and everyone loves anecdotes, right? I know I do. My personal favourite is from San Andreas (I refuse to make a Danny Miller joke here). Right at the end of a long, difficult and tedious mission, my extremely rotund CJ is outrunning police on foot, after extricating himself from his stricken (and stolen, of course) patrol car. All of a sudden, a crop duster falls from the sky, landing rather improbably bang on top of him. There my story should end, but the plane does not kill poor Carl Johnson, instead sending him flying in the air to land, alive on a grandmother, who does die. Everyone in the crowd takes offence, and the protagonist meets death at the hand of a beefy looking man with a moustache, if I recall. I swear everything I just typed is true. GTAIV and Chinatown Wars are nowhere near as buggy as the previous versions, which is almost a shame, but I should point out that the PC port of GTAIV is terrible, it’s ridiculously spec-heavy. Games should run better on my PC than an Xbox 360. Just saying.

Boom, new games journalism.

On a side note, I’ve been listening to the latest Franz Ferdinand album, and, well, it’s pretty mediocre. I can’t say that it’s bad, it has a couple of great songs, but compared to the first two albums, it’s just underwhelming. Liking the cover, though, and the discocentricness of the whole endeavour is good, at least they’re trying something a little different.