Release time, woo! Seeing as in this build we have pretty much all the main gameplay mechanics implemented, I’d better splurge on the details regarding what the hell this thing is actually about. First of all, it looks like this:


Gamey Game Game

So, the game is centered around colours, and the mixing thereof. Using the three different colour “seeds”, the player is able to change his/her own colour, and also that of the background. For example, touching a red seed will change the player’s state to red (I haven’t actually made different sprites for this yet, so you’ll have to imagine it). This allows you to move straight over red blocks. While red, the player can touch another seed, let us say blue. This will mix the two colours, and change the background to this rather lovely shade of purple, and return you to your neutral state. Now, there is also a purple block in the debug level in this build. However, when the background is also purple, you can’t see it, and if you can’t see it, as far as I’m concerned (and the game, of course), it no longer exists. You can pass right over it! This allows for all kind of tricky puzzles that I personally can’t be bothered building until we make a level editor, but if crazy people want to build one straight into the .py file, they’re welcome to. By the way, that little door in the bottom right is the exit/goal. At the moment it quits the game when you touch it. Don’t worry, it isn’t broken.

A note: These art assets are absolutely not final. Everything’s a little plain at the moment, but I will work hard to make it look better, and failing that, get someone else to make it look better.

Anyway, play around with it, you can download it here.

EDIT: Except you can’t at the moment because filefront failed, so get it from our google code host here.

You’ll also need the python interpreter, and pygame libraries (these won’t be needed for the final version).