I would say I had no issues with Daniel’s original decision to work in C# other than my own unfamiliarity with the language, but of course that would be a lie. Obviously, deep down, I secretly feel the unexplainable disgust of syntax prejudice, these strange curly brackets and unrestrained indentation caused various bodily fluids to simmer gently in their appropriate organs. However, being aware of this prejudice, I pushed it aside in my decision of what language to use… or so I believed. [END MELODRAMATIC MONOLOGUE] Instead, the decision was based on the inevitable slowdown that working in an unfamiliar language would have caused. While learning C# is probably a worthwhile objective, it seemed premature to do so when our practical knowledge of python never extended beyond the bare outline of a space shooter. The prospect of actually making a game seemed more important than learning a new language. Furthermore the code relied on Microsoft’s .NET XNA libraries, and while a mono port of these exists, we remain uncertain of its quality or completeness. It’s entirely possible it would have worked fine, but this uncertainty was important to considered.

Edit: This wasn’t actually finished when Rivas posted it! I was still drafting it. You can instead consider it a snapshot of my working psyche.

Further Edit: I’ll post whatever I want, whenever I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Know this. –D