Have you ever played Electroplankton? This is basically that, but on PC. Okay! I’ll go now.

Actually, wait, that’s not fair, I’ll start again. Microsia is the brainchild of german developer Andreas Illiger, who worked on it for two years before releasing it a few days ago. It is very similar to Electroplankton, but not quite the same. It’s much less of a game than the DS title, and much more of a legitimate music creation tool. You can save and export songs, and change the scale of the music. In the trial I made a couple of decent sounding tracks, and if you’ve listened to the colour-game theme, you’ll know I’m not exactly a competent composer.

Also, you can run the game at a higher resolution than 256×192, and just like Electroplankton, it’s mesmerising in motion. In fact, you can hire Illiger to turn up at your parties and make music with it in his live DJ (and VJ, apparently) set.

Give it a whirl.


Get Microsia here. Note, the download button on the actual page doesn’t appear to function, but the link in the top menu works fine