I built a little bit of this

I built a little bit of this

Now this, this is special. Minecraft is a collaborative world-building game, in which the player, well, builds a world. You have 9 block types to choose from, which may not sound a lot, but in practise offers just enough variety without being overwhelming. There isn’t much “point” to it all, but really, who cares? It’s enough just to build stuff, and mess around. More games could do with not having any point whatsoever. If anyone’s wondering which bits in the above image were down to me, that would be the battlements on the wall, and the covered walkway jutting off to the side.

The actual collaborative multiplayer part was just released, so tool about in it, see what’s what. The downside? It’s in bloody Java. Adding to that the fact that it’s in Alpha, you should expect it to lock up quite a bit.


Play Minecraft here.