I wasn’t really looking forwards to this one. I didn’t much like Paper Moon (I found it uninspired), and this is called Crane Wars. By rights it should be bad. It isn’t. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it isn’t bad.

Crane Wars pits you, the foreman of a union-run construction site compete with the neighbouring non-union, scab worksite in building skyscrapers with a crane. Your money ticks down from $10,000,000 to $0 as you damage stuff, or don’t do anything, imposing a time limit. That’s pretty much it. It basically boils down to a big physics playground, as you stack big duplo flats to form apartment blocks, or rather, you try to stack big duplo flats in order to form apartment blocks. In practice, you knock everything down. That’s my main problem with Crane Wars. I realise cranes are not the most precise of machinery, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a little annoying when you can’t get the damn thing to do what you want.

Brandon McCarton (of TIGsource) claims the music is extremely reminiscent of N64 games made by Rare, which perhaps explains why it’s so annoying. (Sorry, I’m not a fan of Banjo Kazooie’s music)

The game livens up considerably when you realise that swinging objects into the scab’s buildings is a viable tactic (though it incurs a money penalty). That’s pretty great. Less great is the amount of repetition in your opponent’s cries of dismay. Fuck scabs.

So, yeah, not entirely sold on Blurst quite yet. Crane Wars: It’s okay?

(Lots of brackets today, it seems.)


Play Crane Wars at Blurst, here.