Who’s gonna disagree?

I pretty much had to post about this one for the name. It’s a nice little platformer, with a difficulty somewhere between super mario and You Probably Won’t Make It. The game is pretty much rote, get to the end while avoiding traps and enemies. The win condition in this case is to get zapped and presumably killed (judging from the title) by the little storm cloud at the end of the level. All kinds of nihilistic. Your character jumps a bit like a flea, which is a little annoying at first, but allows for a good degree of precision once you get used to it.

As you can see, it looks neat, really getting a Game Boy vibe off of this one, which is perhaps fitting, given the year. It probably doesn’t bode well that at this moment I actually can’t remember whether or not this thing has music. Sorry.

BSBLIPTBWYCDOAOAIA (arrgh) was made for GameJolt’s “shocking competition”. I found it in TIGsource forums, and evidently it has been featured on the IndieGames blog also. Check it out.


EDIT: Turns out it does have music after all. Whoops. It’s suitably unmemorable. D.

Being Struck By Lightning can be downloaded here.