So, I have been aware of Dwarf Fortress for some time. I even downloaded it once before, and stared at it in complete bewilderment for a few moments, before shutting it off and vowing never to touch it again.

After reading Roburky‘s Dwarf Fortress Diary, I changed my mind.

It seems DF is bristling with storytelling potential, so I have resolved to write my own, most likely one of crippling incompetence. I’ll split it up, seeing as I still haven’t worked out how to add cuts (jumps) to these posts. Stupid wordpress.

Here we go!

Okay, starting off. I load up my previous setup, and click embark. For this adventure, I have named my fortress LizardGate, and my group The Lenses of Luster. Hurray for the random button.

So, it begins. My dwarfs (dwarves?) find themselves in a world of odd symbols and custom tilesets. It looks a bit like this:

The 'M' stands for Muskox.

The 'M' stands for Muskox.

Well, no point standing around. I order my dwarfs to start digging their fortress, and cut down trees, while I try and work out how to build a carpenter’s workshop.

As my underlings strip the surrounding area of vegetation, my miners inform me they have struck Talc. I am not sure if this is a good thing.

Aha! The carpenter’s workshop is listed under “workshops”. I now feel a bit silly. In any case, I get to work making ten (count ’em) beds, so my people have somewhere to sleep tonight.

The dwarf I named “The Bastard” on account of his personality has wandered off, and is in a bit of a huff at the other side of the brook. Typical. Meanwhile, a stray cat has adopted “Larry”. I am unsure of the ramifications of this.

More adoptions! I have decided cats are a good thing. Also, I have struck magnetite! Hurray?

In a very short time, my miners have made this:


Will my talc walls collapse? I hope not.

My carpenter, however, is yet to make a single bed.