Back again! I’ll jump straight back into things.

I designate a stone stockpile, and have my dwarfs clear this fortress of lumps of bloody talc.


Stupid Talc.

Oh My. My entire fortress has been flooded with purple, which cannot be good. It is apparently “Miasma”. A quick trip to the DF wiki tells me that, while it is not dangerous, miasma causes Dwarfs to think bad thoughts. It seems that it is being exuded by all these dead bat corpses I keep finding, so I set up a refuse pile far away, on the surface.

The bad stink sorted, I get back to clearing out the fortress. It seems that the workshop no longer has the beds I ordered queued up. I sumrise that they have in fact been built, but I have no idea where they are now. I try ordering for them to be placed in the fortress.

Aha! The beds have arrived. At least the dwarfs seem to know where things are kept around here.

With the fortress cleared and accomodations sorted, I set my farmers to work planting mushrooms in the upper levels. Dwarfs are apparently huge fans of mushrooms. Who knew?

Oh no! A cat has fallen foul of a lump of dolomite, and is now extremely injured. How this happened, I do not know. Rockfall? In any case, his dwarf is now very sad. Oh, the cat is now dead, and the dwarf even sadder. His friend doesn’t seem to mind, however, and dumps the cat remains on the refuse pile.

The remaining cats keep bringing “little presents” to their owners, who fling them on the rubbish heap. Realism!

It’s now summer. This area is classed as “warm”, so I’m slightly apprehensive that my dwarf’s only current source of water, the brook, might dry up. That reminds me, dwarfs need beer. I set up a still near my mushroom farm. Apparently you can build these things out of talc? This makes little sense, but it’s nice to find a use for the stuff. In any case, apparently brewing does not require water, and dwarfs much prefer alcohol anyway. Problem solved! I set my carpenter building barrels in which to store the goods.

I really wish these stupid cats would stop dumping dead rats in the bedroom.

I am getting a little worried that the fortress is quite undefended, so I set up gates on the surface to at least slow down any intruders. Gate built, my dwarfs step back to admire their handiwork. Here is their handiwork:

Not certain how long this will hold. Oh well.

Not certain how long this will hold. Oh well.

My fortress now feels a bit more like a fortress.