Oh no!

Oh no!

It would appear that all you need to be featured on this blog is a funny name. Dadaists Gone Wild is a funny name. The game’s pretty cool too.

DGW basically takes Dada‘s celebration of random, and runs with it. Turns out this can make a pretty fantastic videogame. Style and play changes around about every 30 seconds, from sidescrolling platformer to top down game to side scrolling shooter to ostrich race in which you avoid giant ears, and find out that, in fact, there was never an ostrich. Scary. There’s also a nice trick that plays with which surfaces kill you, and of course a run-in with Death, but I won’t spoil that too badly.

Dadaists is punishingly hard in places, which might be a statement of some kind about the first world war, but is probably just a case of haphazard level design.

Fun for ten minutes or so, and then it’s done.


Dadaists Gone Wild was drawn by Ben Evans and Alec Stamos, and programmed by Alec Stamos. You can download it here.