Licorice Theif [sic]

Candy Zoo is a collection of four games, four songs, six pictures and a papercraft pattern. The pictures, songs and papercraft patterns are kind of cool, but this is a column in which I talk about video games, so screw those.


None of the games in CandyZoo are particularly finished or, you know, done well, but they all have a certain unfinished charm, and at least a few interesting ideas. In terms of aesthetic, they all seem to owe quite a bit to Cactus’s work.  The first, Aeronauticon, is a sidescrolling aeroplane game, in which the player flies around, shooting and dodging fire from floating trees, while avoiding a dancing Godzilla. It’s pretty fun, if a bit hard, and the most polished and complete game in the collection.

Next up is Gatorman – River Rocket Rhapsody. In this, you play as an Alligator, riding a rocket and eating chickens for points. You’d think this one would be a winner, but it’s my least favourite of the quartet. It’s kind of boring, the music is irritating and, well, I don’t know, it just feels like it’s trying a little too hard with its randomness. Or something.

Dragcopter, though, gets the Random perfectly. You are a pink helicopter. You spray Drag Dust onto little men, and they turn into drag queens. What’s not to love? I probably had the most fun with this one, but the controls are a bit squiffy. Drag Dust, though.

Last but not least (that would be Gatorman) comes Licorice Theif (I think the spelling mistake is deliberate). This is the one that interested me the most, but I wouldn’t call it fun. You, an anthropomorphic liqourice, float around collecting liqourice, while avoiding teacher liqourice. Also, the music sounds like the theme for a sad Animal Crossing character, so yeah, winner.


Candy Zoo can be downloaded here.