Storm is a physics-based puzzle game, by Terence Lee, and I like it quite a bit.

The game is centred around using weather. More specifically, using it to send little white ping-pong balls down holes. You have three weather effects, wind, rain and lightning, and each allow you to interact with the environment in different ways. Wind is by far my favourite, with a lovely effect and what looks like some pretty complicated physics to get it to “flow” down surfaces. Rain is really a bunch of blue coloured ping-pong balls, from what I can tell, and doesn’t look great. Using it to float things around is till fun, though. Lightning just pushes stuff away.

You get a set amount of “ammunition” for each of the powers, and more can be collected by sending the white balls into them. I personally would have preferred to have the puzzles designed around infinite uses of powers, but whatever.

The music is pleasant enough, if a little unmemorable. Let’s call it ambient.

Storm is very pretty, but something about the art style rubs me the wrong way while playing it. Putting that one down to personal taste. Also, Lee used comic sans in his game, which I find really kind of ugly. This is a prototype, so we’ll let it slide, just this once. Terence Lee, you have been warned.


Storm was made in two weeks with XNA. We should really work harder on Colour Game, huh? Anyway, you can download Storm here.