Oh, the wolves have gone. Panic’s over, people! You can stop worrying, they… Oh, wait. New panic. I have heard somewhere that rooms bigger than seven squares by seven squares will eventually collapse. A lot of my rooms are bigger than seven by seven squares. Shit.

I sit for a while, pondering my predicament. What is there to do? Hmm. Well, single walls have  a strange circle symbol, which suggests to me they also act as pillars. I hope this will do:

Is this enough?

Is this enough?

Problem solved, I hope. Not so sure, though.

As a side note, I’d like to point out just how insanely detailed Dwarf Fortress is. For example, here is part of the file which describes a cat:



Yeah. I have no idea what would happen if I removed, say, the spine from this line, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all my cats were to suddenly become “Extra Floppy”, or similar. There is a skill called “Small Animal Dissection”, so maybe we can find out later without having to mess with data files.

Anyway, I have decided to make use of my newly arrived peasentry, and build a metalsmith’s forge, a wood burner and smelter. This way, I can burn wood to make charcoal, then smelt metal ores, then forge weapons and other metal stuff. Cups, or something, I don’t know. At least, that’s the plan. The problem is, none of my dwarfs have skills in these, so they’re bloody rubbish at it. Hurry up and make some charcoal, Stefana.

Stefana, hard at work.

Stefana, hard at work.

Gah, who decided the job list shouldn’t be arranged alphabetically? I need a furnace operator. Ah, found it.

While the new migrants bumble along making iron, I order up a rock throne.There just isn’t enough of a sense of grandeur about the place at the moment.

Oh, I suppose the new guys need a place to sleep. They were late to the party, so they get smaller bedrooms. They do get to live lower down in the proper rock, though. This is a big plus.

Living spaces sorted, I take account of the things we need. I then build a kennels, a barracks, and most importantly, a dining room fit for dwarfs.

Hmmph. A cougar has appeared. This time, we’re prepared. Get out the iron axes, boys. Oh, wait, how do I attack things? Huh. You got away this time, Cougar, but we’ll see who gets the better of who in our next encounter.

Yeah, you'd better run. Stupid Cougar.

Yeah, you'd better run. Stupid Cougar.