Before the end of September, I aim:

  1. To finish one, if not both, of the games I am currently working on.
  2. To study.
  3. To find a pair of sandals that don’t leave my feet a bloody mess (I doubt I  will achieve this).
  4. To get fitter.
  5. To join a sports club of some kind (See point 4).
  6. To get a job.
  7. To have drafted and redrafted my Personal Statement at least four times.
  8. To apply for universities.
  9. To write a short story, to prove I can.
  10. To get a sun tan, rather than a sunburn, again to prove I can.

Well, there you go. I’ve put that in semi-public, so I’m committed. You’d better hold me to it, Internet.


Note: That list is in no particular order, but see how finishing the games were at the top? That shows how much I care.