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Hi. Got a little bit sidetracked, back now, how are you how are you, nice to see you again. Oh, that view counter looks pretty much how it did back in September, so no harm done?

Right, that’s that sorted, so now to business. Haven’t played much, haven’t made much, so didn’t see any point in posting for all those months.


Oh, actually. Made one thing, for a new game called Akmerika (We wanted a stupid name, I think I delivered. Apologies if it means something somewhere). It’s music, and talking (mostly talking) recorded while we began to make the game, which involves rotating bouncing rabbits and lasers. Here it is. Sorry about the levels, I realise it’s a bit quiet. But it’s ambient, innit?

So yeah, Akmerika. Look out for it, I’m sure it won’t at all get lost in a sea of studying and apathy, no sir.



Have you ever played Electroplankton? This is basically that, but on PC. Okay! I’ll go now.

Actually, wait, that’s not fair, I’ll start again. Microsia is the brainchild of german developer Andreas Illiger, who worked on it for two years before releasing it a few days ago. It is very similar to Electroplankton, but not quite the same. It’s much less of a game than the DS title, and much more of a legitimate music creation tool. You can save and export songs, and change the scale of the music. In the trial I made a couple of decent sounding tracks, and if you’ve listened to the colour-game theme, you’ll know I’m not exactly a competent composer.

Also, you can run the game at a higher resolution than 256×192, and just like Electroplankton, it’s mesmerising in motion. In fact, you can hire Illiger to turn up at your parties and make music with it in his live DJ (and VJ, apparently) set.

Give it a whirl.


Get Microsia here. Note, the download button on the actual page doesn’t appear to function, but the link in the top menu works fine

Colour Theme

Colour Theme

Well, more like revised Colour Game Music. I changed up the timing and melody slightly, and also recorded the midi to an mp3 for for your enjoyment. Get it here


Main Theme

Main Theme

I’ve been working on this theme for a couple of days now. It’s not perfect, but I have it mostly worked out. It’s either my pretty lacking notation skills, or the quality of the notation to midi program I’m using, but the midi sounds a bit off. It doesn’t really matter, as I’ll record it from my piano for the final version. Anyway, download it here

Colour Theme is licensed under a cc-by-sharealike license.

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