Hello! This here is the index page for my ongoing Dwarf Fortress Diary, in which I describe in excruciating detail the tale of my very own random-name-generatory fortress, LizardGate. Enjoy your stay! It’s a little bit more interesting than these synopses suggest. Not a lot, though. Go and play Dwarf Fortress!

01: Dwarf Fortress? Dwarf Fortress! – In which Dwarfs arrive, stockpiles are made, tunnels are dug, and a door is constructed.

02: Have a Bit More Dwarf Fortress – In which bloody talk is removed, a terrible stink is discovered, a terrible stink is dealt with (spoilers!) and doors are improved.

03: Dwarf Fortress? You spoil us, ambassador… – In which bedrooms are dug, wolves are spotted, and further defences are put in place.

I’m not sure how anyone else will find this, but it’s nice to get a chance to tell a story, even if it is with the help of one hell of a writing aid.